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 Lexi Hernandez for my Jewellery Shoot

Lexi Hernandez for my Jewellery Shoot

Before I started posting my blogs I made a big list of Blogs and content. This week was Mazurio Cattelan the absurdist Italian contemporary artist who started his career as a cabinet maker.... I was going to follow my list for each post. Now as each week blog post draws nearer I look at the inspirational person I chose, who I totally love and admire, but often it just does not sit with my week in general.

This week or fortnight has been about new beginnings. I have been in a manic frenzy trying to get my full range of jewellery up on this website. A look book shoot, I've organised 3 three new shoots this week as the last 4 were cancelled. Need to get it Finished!!! I'm also trying to negotiate and create an entire pop up hub... and the funding... By November... Take a deep breath here. Its up in the air... NOBODY knows whats going to happen?? It's new territory, an untrodden path. And I wonder if I actually like this intense constant stress of unknowing. I must. Working in a slightly mad and unhealthy way to make something that appears impossible happen. Not knowing how, but like hurling rocks towards a bucket and hoping one will fall in.

Ok so I went to 6am yoga today and I really needed it. I feel more grounded and now have some perspective. Some breathing space. When things get really overwhelming I often get stuck at the start line. in a panic. After a moment of resetting this morning, letting go of a whole bunch of stuff and just walking away feeling much lighter and calmer.

I drove back home and my mind was floating between different things. Music... Lyrics... bliss balls :) For the first time in weeks I was not arranging my to do list in my head. 

On my drive home I though of a story we were told in art school about how Cubism was invented. I don't know if it's true but this is my memory. Picasso and Georges Braque locked themselves in a cottage somewhere in the countryside in France. When they emerged they had created cubist art! Like That! Now there is Cubism! awesome. The thing I love about Picasso is his passion and drive, his experimentation, exploring new places and new things. He was there for Dada, for Surrealism, created Cubism, his work is original and iconic. Picasso transformed modern art.

Reminds me of this crazy last few weeks, where I feel like I've been locked up in a house just working toward something. Focused and maybe a little imbalanced :) I tried to think about what it would have been like in that little cottage quiet and remote away from the world. 

So where does that new idea, that spark, the creativity come from? I believe there is a little bit of blind faith, that what your doing is actually worth while. Trust that your going in the right direction. Then there is of course hard work and then that little extra push to make something happen. Thats the exploring...

"I do not seek: I find" - Pablo Picasso
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