Dame Vivienne Westwood - Rebel With a Conscious

When I think of Vivienne Westwood I think sex/bondage, punk/tartan, anti establishment, period inspired couture, Naomi Campbells catwalk fall in 9 inch heels, drive, passion and taking risks to do what you believe in.

In that spirit of punk she continues to break stereotypes. Posing nude for fashion photographer Jurgen Teller in 2009 when she was 68.

Vivienne Westwood seems to have found a balance between getting slightly crazy shit out there, pulling it off and getting away with it. Over the years Vivienne Westwood has created diverse and iconic ranges, she has evolved and changed with the times, but still challenging ideas of status, gender and linking her political views to her fashion campaigns.

I am currently working on my vision for the new Artisan guild and Curiosity Shop, taking risks, challenging the status quo, and quirky recycled objects is part of the fun of the concept store. And of course it can be done with style and attitude. I wore my Isabel Marant leather pants to my meeting with the soon to be Mayor of Leichardt yesterday and it felt really fucking good!

Leaving you with 2 very wise Vivienne Westwood quotes  

"You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes"


Vivienne Westwood