Tropical Island Shellfish Snacks

 James Ensor "The Skate"

James Ensor "The Skate"

Warning to vegans and vegetarians there may be mentions of delicious shellfish.

One of my all time favourite paintings is “The Skate” by James Ensor. It’s the slumped little body and the wry expression on his cute little skate face.

I love that Ensor created this oil painting. The dingy wall area and rubbish, the aquatic debris. As if under a spotlight leans a hunched lightly coloured body, the focus of the scene. What kind of artist would spend the time to oil paint such a scene? It’s absurd. That is why I love it.

If you look at Ensor’s other work, this is him, this is what his work explores- the grotesque, his humor, his rebelliousness. “The Skate” a very subtle example of all of these things.

Ensor (1860-1949) A Belgian painter and printmaker, a rebellious artist and precursor to Surrealism and German expressionism.

Writing this post from a trip to Bali and Flores in Indonesia,. A mix of researching Jewellery manufacturers to get samples made, surfing, poolside Bintang’s and accompanying David (amazing boyfriend) to Flores for his pioneering and community business working with the local villages/ers to build ethical health resorts.

On a boat ride through the tropical waters off the Island of Flores to check out an Island that a friend part owns we stopped at a floating fish tank and purchased 3 feisty lobsters.

 James Ensor inspired 

James Ensor inspired 

Maybe its not the dingy dirty corner that Ensor saw but I am paying homage to Ensor, The Skate and the most beautiful/delicious lobsters BBQ’d beachside.

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