Dia De Muertos- Celebrating

Over the last ten years Halloween in Australia has been growing. Last year I was in California and was taken to a blocked off street it was swarming with mostly little girls in long baby blue dresses and people whispering "Oh its another Esla from Frozen" very surreal... Like Christmas I guess there is going to be a hit costume that all the kids want. So Halloween is fun but the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" or "Dia De Muertos" is way more authentic, colourful and exciting. The iconic clothes and face painting and skull imagery from the Mexican festival now all over the place.

The festivals origins lie in an Aztec festival and traditions for honouring the dead. Celebrating the lives of the deceased with food drink and parties. So with fancy clothes with a dark aesthetic in mind I thought it would be fitting to pay homage to British fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen. 

A visionary McQueens ranges always had a dark and theatrical other worldly aesthetic . His ranges have incredible attention to detail, his forte being his art of tailoring. I was always amazed at the a huge variety of ideas in the production of his collections and the finesse of the final execution. Like watching sculptures come down the catwalk. Though McQueen took inspiration from artists and musicians, he supposedly never reviewed the collections of other designers, saying, “My mind has to be completely focused on my own illusions.” Famously he is known for whilst working on Saville row He once sewed the phrase ‘I am a cunt’ into the lining of a handmade suit for Prince Charles. I love these rebellious types...

I think there is beauty in everything. What "normal" people perceive as ugly
I can usually see something of beauty in it - Alexander McQueen

So this week as I cobbled together the final bits of my website and social media marketing, launching my jewellery range. I am grateful to be able to make and create, I pay homage to a great designer whose work and vision really take you to another place. Celebrating all inspirational and amazing people who are no longer with us. I'll dress up this weekend, launch my website and have a little food and drink Dia De Muertos party and I guess wait for the Elsa and Batman to come knocking for candy.