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Last week when I checked my list of inspirational individual’s I suddenly realized there were no musicians and no chefs! No Food and no dancing… !!!!

The missing music was brought to my attention at prenatal yoga (I’m pregnant but this not a baby blog, maybe more of that later…). The yoga instructor at Egg of the universe started talking about dancing and pregnancy. My heart kind of dropped a little. I love listening to music I love dancing, Darn it! I couldn’t think of the last time I did either…

So this blog post is about gratitude and music. Gratitude is more than saying thank you. It's acknowledging the great things in your life and make use of them! We can give back in so many different ways. A way to be active in your appreciation is by being creative and productive. Making art, writing, making food, dancing, making music are great ways to say thank you, to connect and give back. I just need to be reminded sometimes.

Bob Marley is my muse for this post. The Jamaican artist who introduced reggae to the western world. Reggae is the beat that will never fail to make me boogie and smile. Enjoy!

The Greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he aquires, but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him positively- Bob Marley

And I did end up dancing this week! I was the crazy pregnant woman having a boogie on the dance floor at my 20 year school reunion. :) 

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Dia De Muertos- Celebrating

Over the last ten years Halloween in Australia has been growing. Last year I was in California and was taken to a blocked off street it was swarming with mostly little girls in long baby blue dresses and people whispering "Oh its another Esla from Frozen" very surreal... Like Christmas I guess there is going to be a hit costume that all the kids want. So Halloween is fun but the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" or "Dia De Muertos" is way more authentic, colourful and exciting. The iconic clothes and face painting and skull imagery from the Mexican festival now all over the place.

The festivals origins lie in an Aztec festival and traditions for honouring the dead. Celebrating the lives of the deceased with food drink and parties. So with fancy clothes with a dark aesthetic in mind I thought it would be fitting to pay homage to British fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen. 

A visionary McQueens ranges always had a dark and theatrical other worldly aesthetic . His ranges have incredible attention to detail, his forte being his art of tailoring. I was always amazed at the a huge variety of ideas in the production of his collections and the finesse of the final execution. Like watching sculptures come down the catwalk. Though McQueen took inspiration from artists and musicians, he supposedly never reviewed the collections of other designers, saying, “My mind has to be completely focused on my own illusions.” Famously he is known for whilst working on Saville row He once sewed the phrase ‘I am a cunt’ into the lining of a handmade suit for Prince Charles. I love these rebellious types...

I think there is beauty in everything. What "normal" people perceive as ugly
I can usually see something of beauty in it - Alexander McQueen

So this week as I cobbled together the final bits of my website and social media marketing, launching my jewellery range. I am grateful to be able to make and create, I pay homage to a great designer whose work and vision really take you to another place. Celebrating all inspirational and amazing people who are no longer with us. I'll dress up this weekend, launch my website and have a little food and drink Dia De Muertos party and I guess wait for the Elsa and Batman to come knocking for candy.


Maurizio Cattelan Flash Art cover October 1996

Maurizio Cattelan is one of my all time favourite artists. In the picture above Spike wields a framed copy of October 1996 Flash Art magazine, Maurizio’s work “Bidibidobidiboo” from the same year that I lovingly colour photocopied this cover and framed it. Cattelan was a perfect fit for my obsessions with absurd, dark, humorous, and taxidermied animals when I was at art school 20 years ago… those were the days when art school students were newly tackling the concept of installation art and post modernism (or was that just me?)

Born in 1960 Cattelan started his career as a furniture maker in Italy and had his first solo show in 1989 when he was 29. Today Cattelan, 51, thinks of himself as an artist driven by these eccentric necessities. As artists I believe we feel a pull of some (ridiculous?) kind and hope that we can all to some degree follow our sometimes absurd eccentricities. I believe Cattelan totally paved his way and I love this about him! Go look at his work it'll make you smile :)

Maurizio was an inspiration to me from early on. His work was always fresh, funny and random. I also loved the aesthetic of his work, the simplicity and boldness maybe owing to his furniture making background and an intrinsic Italian flair. To me it has always seemed like art was life for him and he was having fun with all his works, there was also a serious side to his work, but not too much ego.

Maurizio Cattelan’s first show in New York, in 1994, consisted of a self-­portrait in the form of a live donkey wandering around a gallery under a chandelier, braying inconsolably. That show wasn’t up long—there were noise complaints.

He said of his Guggenheim retrospective in 2011- 

I don’t know how I arrived at this point, at the Guggenheim. There must be something wrong somewhere- Maurizio Cattelan
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Life of an Explorer

Lexi Hernandez for my Jewellery Shoot

Lexi Hernandez for my Jewellery Shoot

Before I started posting my blogs I made a big list of Blogs and content. This week was Mazurio Cattelan the absurdist Italian contemporary artist who started his career as a cabinet maker.... I was going to follow my list for each post. Now as each week blog post draws nearer I look at the inspirational person I chose, who I totally love and admire, but often it just does not sit with my week in general.

This week or fortnight has been about new beginnings. I have been in a manic frenzy trying to get my full range of jewellery up on this website. A look book shoot, I've organised 3 three new shoots this week as the last 4 were cancelled. Need to get it Finished!!! I'm also trying to negotiate and create an entire pop up hub... and the funding... By November... Take a deep breath here. Its up in the air... NOBODY knows whats going to happen?? It's new territory, an untrodden path. And I wonder if I actually like this intense constant stress of unknowing. I must. Working in a slightly mad and unhealthy way to make something that appears impossible happen. Not knowing how, but like hurling rocks towards a bucket and hoping one will fall in.

Ok so I went to 6am yoga today and I really needed it. I feel more grounded and now have some perspective. Some breathing space. When things get really overwhelming I often get stuck at the start line. in a panic. After a moment of resetting this morning, letting go of a whole bunch of stuff and just walking away feeling much lighter and calmer.

I drove back home and my mind was floating between different things. Music... Lyrics... bliss balls :) For the first time in weeks I was not arranging my to do list in my head. 

On my drive home I though of a story we were told in art school about how Cubism was invented. I don't know if it's true but this is my memory. Picasso and Georges Braque locked themselves in a cottage somewhere in the countryside in France. When they emerged they had created cubist art! Like That! Now there is Cubism! awesome. The thing I love about Picasso is his passion and drive, his experimentation, exploring new places and new things. He was there for Dada, for Surrealism, created Cubism, his work is original and iconic. Picasso transformed modern art.

Reminds me of this crazy last few weeks, where I feel like I've been locked up in a house just working toward something. Focused and maybe a little imbalanced :) I tried to think about what it would have been like in that little cottage quiet and remote away from the world. 

So where does that new idea, that spark, the creativity come from? I believe there is a little bit of blind faith, that what your doing is actually worth while. Trust that your going in the right direction. Then there is of course hard work and then that little extra push to make something happen. Thats the exploring...

"I do not seek: I find" - Pablo Picasso
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Dame Vivienne Westwood - Rebel With a Conscious

When I think of Vivienne Westwood I think sex/bondage, punk/tartan, anti establishment, period inspired couture, Naomi Campbells catwalk fall in 9 inch heels, drive, passion and taking risks to do what you believe in.

In that spirit of punk she continues to break stereotypes. Posing nude for fashion photographer Jurgen Teller in 2009 when she was 68.

Vivienne Westwood seems to have found a balance between getting slightly crazy shit out there, pulling it off and getting away with it. Over the years Vivienne Westwood has created diverse and iconic ranges, she has evolved and changed with the times, but still challenging ideas of status, gender and linking her political views to her fashion campaigns.

I am currently working on my vision for the new Artisan guild and Curiosity Shop, taking risks, challenging the status quo, and quirky recycled objects is part of the fun of the concept store. And of course it can be done with style and attitude. I wore my Isabel Marant leather pants to my meeting with the soon to be Mayor of Leichardt yesterday and it felt really fucking good!

Leaving you with 2 very wise Vivienne Westwood quotes  

"You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes"


Vivienne Westwood

Blogging is Life Balancing

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    “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” Eckhart Tolle

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” Eckhart Tolle

Writing for me is not a very natural thing. I openly admit that words are not my thing. I am very much better with communicating in person, tactile 3d objects and visual things. Oddly I have been accused of speaking English as a second language quite a number of times, usually after someone has read an essay I have written. So for future reference if you become a regular blog reader- English IS my first and ONLY language. So sorry in advance for any poor or inappropriate writing…

With the intention of launching my jewellery label and to help me with my poor literary skills I recently enrolled in a short course on writing for social media. It turned out to be a more of a blogging seminar. I walked away with the desire to have a blog about inspiration! My idea was to post a photographic image I had taken along with personal writings about an artist, a business person, a writer, designer, filmmaker, thinker, philosopher. Like a tribute to someone who has changed the way I view the world. I want to hopefully introduce readers to the things I love and inspire me. This week I have chosen Eckhart Tolle and yoga.

In the last few years yoga and meditation have become really important to me. When I do regular yoga and meditation a strange thing happens. I stop procrastinating, I get creative, focused, calm, rise to challenges, relationships are easy and time just flows. Eckhart Tolle and Yoga have changed my life. But like everything it needs to be consistent over longer periods. If I don’t make time for yoga, forget to meditate, if I worry about the past and future things quickly become chaotic. 

I have already really struggled with the commitment of writing a blog post. I have put off writing this second blog post for over a month. I go into a weird panic as I try to write, I get up, I pace the room, I clean, go to the fridge, check my list of things to do and I read and rewrite this post.  Voices in my head - “It doesn’t make sense!!” “there are more important things to do” “Will people like it?” “Just get it done!”

“All negativity is caused by an accumulation of psychological time and denial of the present. Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough presence. Guilt, regret, resentment, grievances, sadness, bitterness, and all forms of nonforgiveness are caused by too much past, and not enough presence.” Eckhart Tolle
“If you choose to see everything as a miracle, then where you are right now is perfect. There is nowhere to run to; there is nothing else to do except be in this moment and allow what is to be. From that place of radical acceptance, major change can happen. The first step in any transformational experience is acceptance and surrender to the present moment, the way that it is. From that place we have the awareness, humility and power to change what is.”  “True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming. Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it to be truly called yoga, its essence must be embodied.” — Aadil Palkhivala“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Once a week writing this blog is a good challenge to myself. I don’t want to beat myself up for not doing it or writing badly. I want to reinspire myself once a week with the things and people that make me excited about living. I want to share these things with other people. Maybe my blog is another way to check in, to stay present, to have perspective.

Breathe and just enjoy the writing.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you will come back and join me on my blogging journey :)

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Tropical Island Shellfish Snacks

James Ensor "The Skate"

James Ensor "The Skate"

Warning to vegans and vegetarians there may be mentions of delicious shellfish.

One of my all time favourite paintings is “The Skate” by James Ensor. It’s the slumped little body and the wry expression on his cute little skate face.

I love that Ensor created this oil painting. The dingy wall area and rubbish, the aquatic debris. As if under a spotlight leans a hunched lightly coloured body, the focus of the scene. What kind of artist would spend the time to oil paint such a scene? It’s absurd. That is why I love it.

If you look at Ensor’s other work, this is him, this is what his work explores- the grotesque, his humor, his rebelliousness. “The Skate” a very subtle example of all of these things.

Ensor (1860-1949) A Belgian painter and printmaker, a rebellious artist and precursor to Surrealism and German expressionism.

Writing this post from a trip to Bali and Flores in Indonesia,. A mix of researching Jewellery manufacturers to get samples made, surfing, poolside Bintang’s and accompanying David (amazing boyfriend) to Flores for his pioneering and community business working with the local villages/ers to build ethical health resorts.

On a boat ride through the tropical waters off the Island of Flores to check out an Island that a friend part owns we stopped at a floating fish tank and purchased 3 feisty lobsters.

James Ensor inspired 

James Ensor inspired 

Maybe its not the dingy dirty corner that Ensor saw but I am paying homage to Ensor, The Skate and the most beautiful/delicious lobsters BBQ’d beachside.

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