“The things that inspire me are nature, cultures, colours, forms and textures. I love collecting..."


Born in South Korea, Chrissy Hammond lives and works in Sydney, Australia. 

Chrissy’s passion for aesthetics and craftsmanship have steered her on a journey, working in the spheres of fashion, art and photography. Her passion for learning about materials, applications and technique are as key to her process as curating pieces and ideas together.

Graduated from COFA with a Fine Arts Degree, Chrissy spent years internationally, apprenticing to some of the finest shoemakers worldwide, mastering the art of designing and hand crafted bespoke shoes, she went on to work for Comme Des Garcon, Opera Australia. Founder of the shoe label Marsu Homme, the high-end shoes were fabricated in Florence, Italy from kangaroo skin. Director of The Artisan Guild and Curiosity Shop, a collaboration between fashion accessory labels and emerging artists. Chrissy has exhibited her Photography, sculptures, paintings and installations.

Currently, Chrissy is designing and showcasing at markets and other events, her range includes rings, necklaces, earrings and leather accessories. CHRISSY HAMMOND STUDIO COLLECTION- A range of Silver and Bronze Jewellery with semi precious Australian Stones.  Australian Stones. Designed for both women and men inspired by Australian Fauna and Flora. To purchase or for more information please contact Chrissy. 

The blog pays homage to inspirational people who have changed the way she lives and thinks. A  journal of how lives of amazing individuals can affect daily life choices and thoughts. 

Chrissy continues to evolve, mastering new techniques for expressing her creativity.